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I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Walgreens across from a Burger King, opening a package of NyQuil and this bottle of cough syrup I just bought.

If I were a Burger King, I would be closed right now.

If I were a Walgreens, I might still be open because some Walgreens are open 24-hours a day. If you were a Walgreens, you would be the kind that sold alcohol.

If you were a Burger King, you would also be the kind that sold alcohol. You would be one of a kind.

You would be the only one that does what you do.

It’s cold today. Cold like yesterday and probably tomorrow too. My car is freezing and I’m sitting here rubbing my hands together, coughing up green mucus and thinking about earlier today when we talked on gchat.

I told you I hadn’t seen Brian…

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