FILM4130 Final Project Report

Brainstormed with Mike Zdero about the interface and logic for the Korsakow’s presentation.

Joe – Conducted, filmed, and edited interview

Malin – Conducted, filmed, and edited interview

Lucas – Conducted, filmed and edited interview

Kolasa – Conducted, filmed, and edited interview

Thomas – Conducted, filmed interview (this was a great interview, it fell through the cracks when Elli was supposed to make changes to it)

Adam – Conducted, filmed interview

Monica – Conducted, filmed interview

Library Girl – Conducted, filmed interview

Conducted and filmed at least a half a dozen other interviews that didn’t contain valuableĀ material.

Brought my own equipment back and forth to school (Camera, SD Cards, Tripod, Light, etc.)

Borrowed and returned the cage microphone under my name.


I think the project succeeded in getting all of the students to try some production. For better or for worse, every student came out knowing more about the interview process.

It was hard for me to accept that the interviews I conducted would be edited by someone else because I had a vision to complete them, but not the time. One of my favorite interviews disappeared somewhere along the process because its editor couldn’t take her responsibilities seriously. I thought the second editor I had was excellent however.

The class project forced me to work in a group, which was a good thing. It pushed the boundaries of what I thought I could do. I think everyone involved had their boundaries pushed in their participation.


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