A Dirge For Little Bird – Internet Archive Remix Project

My goal for the public domain remix is simple and impactful.

A Song Of The Birds (1935) remixed with Betty Boop: Snow White (1933), both by Max Fleischer.

These public domain cartoons are both relics from my childhood, as I would imagine they are for many people my age and much older.

As innocent as these cartoons are, there is a haunting quality to them that children are sensitive to, but cannot express. Or perhaps they begin to haunt a person when they are pulled out of the recesses of childhood memory and resurrected to an adult mind. Either way, I’ve always been sensitive to it.

third cut_effects.Still003

This remix places Koko the clown’s haunting performance of “St. James Infirmary Blues” (as performed by the great Cab Calloway) alongside the tale of a little bird who is taken from this world the same day he learns to fly.

third cut_effects.Still006

I like it as a sad little piece. It differs from my recent work but recalls more directly my earliest work; sad, dark, frightening, but quirky, off, and somehow cute. This is how I would clumsily describe the vein of inspiration I most relish. Of course everybody is free to call it whatever they like, even ‘not for me’, ‘dumb’, ‘weird (in a bad way)’ and ‘simply shit’. I still believe there are people who may feel a connection with it, as I do.

It runs at exactly a minute forty, YouTube adds an extra second (that’s for you Taravat, so you know I’m not over!!!)

“Betty Boop: Snow White (1933),” Archive.org video, 7:06, accessed March 26, 2013, http://archive.org/details/bb_snow_white

“A Song Of The Birds (1935),”  Archive.org video, 7:17, accessed March 26, 2013, http://archive.org/details/A_Song_Of_The_Birds_1935

Here is an original Cab Calloway performance.

Here is the full performance from Betty Boop.

third cut_effects.Still002


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