Hello People!

What motivated me to start this blog was my film 1001 class. I’ll be reflecting on readings and assignments here. I also hope to share musings and thoughts on filmmaking in general.

Let’s inaugurate this wordpress with a movie clip.

The film is Walk Hard; The Dewey Cox Story. I just only saw this film a few days ago, but I was very pleasantly surprised. No film in recent memory has made me laugh out loud as often as Walk Hard. The music references are fantastic, there are so many little minor jokes about musical periods (Dewey’s Brian Wilson phase when on LSD was left vague, but was something an observant fan would get giddy over). Overall, the humor has a very consistent tone and style, and I’m surprised the film got made at all (and with so many stars) in what seems to be an atmosphere of un-intelligent comedies that everyone will “get”. Final words: Underrated Treasure.


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